Club Officers

Jill Olson, Co-President

Vanessa Gray, Co-President

I’m Vanessa Gray and I have three kiddos. Plus my dog Jewel. My son, Logan, is nine and my identical girl twins, Madelynn and Gabriella, are five. I’m a school teacher in the Spokane Public Schools. I have been a member of Miracle Bonus since 2014. Thank goodness a friend pushed me towards joining.  I have made amazing friendships and learned so much about being a mom of multiples.  This is a lovely group and I’m blessed to be a member.

Nichole Collins, Vice President

Sam Nix, Secretary

Hello! My name is Sam, and I have two fraternal girl twins, Elena and Sophia that are 22 months old. My beautiful stepdaughter Aeryn, is 9 years old. Recently, we were blessed with one more beautiful daughter who is just over a month old. To say that I have my hands full, is a understatement, however, I am lucky to have a second family/support group here with the Miracle Bonus MOM's. They are always there for one another when you need anything, including just an encouraging word. I joined the club shortly after my twins were born and it was the best thing I could have done. The people I have met and the friendships I have created will be with me for a lifetime. During my free time (when all the girls are sleeping at night), I enjoy just hanging out with my husband, having a glass of wine and talking about anything and everything. I am extremely blessed for my family, my friends and this amazing club that has the best people you'll ever meet.

Christina Underwood, Treasurer

I am a SAHM to three amazing boys, my fraternal twins are almost two years old and their big brother is 5. Life at our house can feel crazy at times but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful village of twin moms to lean on for support and advice!

Maure Carrier, NWAMOTC Senior Delegate

Stefanie Siebeking, NWAMOTC Junior Delegate

My name is Stefanie, I have a wonderful husband of 13 years and 3 children. A 6 year old son and boy/girl twins who will be 2 in September. My family and I moved to Spokane the fall of 2015 from Virginia. 5 months after moving to a new state with no family or friends we found out we were expecting twins. Once I stopped hyperventilating I searched the internet for support group for multiples. Almost 3 years later I look forward to seeing these women monthly who are now friends.

Paola Davila de Muela, Sergeant-at-Arms

Vanessa Gray, Mother of the Year

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